Admission brochure for International Students (2021)
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I. Introduction to CZIE

Founded in 1958, Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering has been both in the list of High-level Majors-group Construction Colleges with Chinese characteristics and National High-quality Vocational College.

Taking Inspire the spirits  and put learning into practice as the motto, and adhering to the running orientation of  Serving Jiangsu and radiating the Yangtze River Delta on the basis of Changzhou, the college has 7 secondary schools for "green and intelligent" technology, focusing on building five majors groups of Applied Chemical Technology, Intelligent Welding, Intelligent Construction, Inspection and Testing certification, and Modern Business Service, so as to provide green chemical industry, high-end equipment manufacturing and inspection and detection certification, modern construction and other industries to cultivate high-quality technical and skilled personnel. The college adheres to the open-running strategy steadily and promotes the internationalization.

The college has establishes Sino-German Vocational Education and Technological Innovation Service Center, the Belt& Road Research Institute, and the International Cultural Exchange center and etc.. The college has been selected by the international cultural exchange center of the Ministry of Education into the first list of "construction center for the humanities and communication talents training base in 2020 in the field of Intelligent Manufacturing". International cooperation education platforms such as Mandalay branch in Myanmar, Sino-German Institute of Design and Digital Media, Cambodia-Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering-Yalong Silk Road College, and Sino-German International Welding Technology Training & Examination Center were established.

Our college learns from international professional qualification certificates and standards, including ISO9606 International Welder Assessment Standards, Australian TAFE Construction Engineering Technology Courses and Laboratory Construction Standards, and German Professional Laboratory Construction Standards for Applied Chemical Technology, and invites more than 20 international experts to instruct professional development and enhance professional internationalization;

The college actively responds to the “Belt and RoadInitiative and has enrolled more than 200 foreign students along the “Belt and Road” regions. We have continuously strengthened cooperation with foreign governments, institutions, and “going global” enterprises to jointly train international students. We cooperated with the Ministry of Education of Myanmar to enroll 30 students from the “China-Myanmar Vocational Education International Students Cooperation Project”, and cooperated with “going global” enterprises to establish a commissioning class, enrolling 46 Myanmar international students majoring in Mechatronics. We also cooperated with international brand hotels to provide internship courses for Southeast Asian students majoring in Hotel Management. Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering will focus on training technical and skilled talents for countries along the “Belt and Road” regions and also training localized talents for “going global” enterprises.

II. Programs

Key programs: Applied Chemical Technology, Pharmaceutical production Technology, Industrial Analysis Technology,  Fine Chemical Technology, Welding Technology and Automation, Electric Automation Technology, Electromechanical Integration Technology, Physical and Chemical Testing and Quality Checking Technology, Applied Technology of IOT, Architectural Engineering Technology, Building Cost of Projects, Intelligent Building Engineering Technology, Underground and Tunnel Engineering Technology, Photovoltaic Material Preparation Technology, Architectural Material Engineering Technology, Polymer materials Engineering Technology, Auto Inspection and maintenance Technology, International Business

III. Application requirements

All applicants must meet the following basic requirements .

1. Be non-Chinese citizens;

2.High school graduation or above;

3. A certain degree of English or Chinese foundation;

Please note:(1) majors with Chinese courses require students with Chinese language proficiency of HSK 4 or above; majors with English courses require students with English language proficiency.

(2)Applicants who apply for Chinese major courses but have not obtained a HSK test report (Level 4 or above) can study Chinese in CZIE for a year and then enter major courses after passing HSK4 (or above) test.

4. Physically and mentally healthy;

5. Financial support to afford 3-year study and life;

6. An interest in Chinese language and culture;

7. Normally no more than 22 years old(Preparatory students are normally no more than 20 years old) .

IV. Application and admission process

Application documents :

1. Application form for admission(;)

2. High school diploma& transcript (with an English translation notarized copy)

3. The bio page of valid passport  (the validity of passport should be 3 years or more)

4. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

5. The most recent Chinese Visa or Chinese Residence PermitIf any

Please note: Consequences of concealing the experience in China are borne by oneself.

6.No criminal certificate

7. Chinese or English proficiency certificates

8. Finance Supporting Documents((A copy of guarantors valid identity documents should be attached))

The applicant must submit scanned copies of the materials mentioned above at the time of application. Original copies must be submitted at the time of registration. Please notice that all submitted documents will not be returned.

Admission process:

1. After the application materials have been accepted, the admission department will review the materials and make recommendations and inform candidates of the pre-admission results. Within seven working days, the applicant is required to remit 500 RMB registration fee to our college account and sent the scanned remittance receipt to After confirming the receipt of registration fee, we will use EMS or DHL to send the original admission letter, visa application form (JW202) and registration notice according to the contact address provided by the applicant, and guide students to prepare relevant procedures of studying in China.

2. International students are required to check in on time with new students' admission letter and the original materials. Students who cannot arrive at the college on time should submit the application for deferral to the School of International Education in our college for a sufficient reason. The application will be valid after getting approved. The extension time is generally in no more than two weeks. Those who have not applied or overdue for more than two weeks shall be regarded as waiver of admission qualifications other than force majeure and other legitimate causes.

3. Students should pay all fees within seven working days after arrival, and then the college will provide the materials required for the application for residence permit.

4. Remittance Information

(Overseas remittances) Foreign currency accounts:






V. Application period

March 1, 2020 — July 31, 2020

VI. Charges




Application Fee


Only for first year,  Non-refundable


5000Yuan/person /year


2400Yuan/person /year

2 persons share 1 room

Water & Electricity

Pay according to use


500 YuanPrepay

charge or refund according to actual cost


500 Yuan


800Yuan/person /year

Health check

355Yuan/person /year


800Yuan/person /year

VII. Scholarship and Grant

All international students can obtain CZIE all levels of scholarships, the policy is listed as below:



Granted method


Comprehensive Scholarship

First class


Granted at the beginning of following academic year according to the performance of the past academic year.

20 %

Second class


30 %

Third class 2500Yuan/person/year

50 %

Please note:1.These are the scholarships for major study ( preparatory study stage not included ).

2.Scholarships are given after each school year, according to the daily performance and final exam marks.

3.The rate of scholarship-winners is based on the students who are capable to be candidates. Those who violate Chinese laws and rules or other judicial stipulations, or get Warning or even heavier punishment for violating the regulations of the College, or get one or more subjects failed in the final exam, will be excluded from the candidates. 

VIII. Contact information


Tel: 0086-519-86333669

Fax: 0086-519-86332216

QQ: 480602251

Add: NO.33, Gehu Rd. Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China


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